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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  September 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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food preparation and service workers topped the list of coffee drinkers. there followed by scientists and sales reps. marketing and public relations professionals, and the nurses. i'm astounded that morning news anchors did not make the list. >> we have another hour of news starting now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> please look for answers after a family of four is founded insider herndon home. if we will talk with friends wanting to honor the victims. >> and will there be a contract for pepco or will the workers strike? >> the packers find themselves in an intriguing matchup against the saints. good morning, washington.
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i am cynne simpson. >> i am brad bell. steve has the morning off. let's look at the weather with jacqui jeras. >> much warmer this morning. we had a few showers overnight which have moved out now. we have some clouds. they will likely return a little later on today. i will tell you 66 feels pretty good right now. that's reagan national. 60 at dulles, 57 in manchester. we will stay above average today. we will end up in the '80s. a few showers today. but the large majority of the day will be mostly cloudy. the seven-day forecast is coming up a little while. . now to >> good morning. the usual delays on 270 are worse than normal. an earlier crash at 118 southbound. it is t low it iso that area and
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germantown. -- it is slow in that area. slow traffic from garrissonville quantico. it is low in woodbrige, from buthe prince william parkway. 25 minutes from the baltimore beltway to 495. back to you. >> thank you. our top story the death of a family in herndon. >> the family of four were found dead on point rider lane. students at westfield high school where one of the victims attended will mourn the loss of their classmates today. john gonzalez is at the school for the latest. it is a sad day. >> it really is. we understand those students will be wearing black class today. those who knew the family became suspicious earlier this week when the parents did not show up for work and those children did
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not show up for school. that's when police went to the home and made the gruesome discovery. mother father, and two sons are dead and the neighborhood does not know why. >> it's really sad. i don't even know how to explain it. >> police detectives combed through but the family minivan and the home. the older brother attended westfield high school. the parents often seen sitting on the front porch known in the community as the neighborhood greeters. >> i would always waved to him when i was coming home from work every day. >> evidence has led police to believe the deaths are suspicious and the public is not in danger. the family was last seen this past sunday during a neighborhood picnic. >> it's really died. i had no idea because they were always nice. nobody in the neighborhood ever saw them fighting or arguing or anything. >> we also understand forest
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united methodist will hold a candlelight vigil at 7:30 tonight. john gonzalez reporting. >> new this morning d.c. police said one man is dead and a second hospitalized after a shooting in southeast. the men were shot in the 5000 block of h streets before midnight. a man died was shot several times and a second man was shot in the neck but is expected to survive. no word on a motive or suspects. >> in syria, the iranian press deviant says one of its correspondence died while covering two bomb blasts and a gun battle in mandamascus. 33-year-old maya nassar, a syrian national. the bomb went off near the army headquarters and that set off a huge fire. a busy day overseas.
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we are hearing of an attack in iraq, targeting police officers. >> jummy olabanji has more. tell us about it. >> ira attacks against police checkpoints have killed four officers this morning. the first attack took place early this morning when a gun meant-- gunmen in two separate cars opened fire on officers manning a checkpoint south of baghdad. three were killed in that attack. the fourth officer was killed when a roadside bomb exploded near his post in an area north of the capital city. several police officers yesterday and military officers were killed in similar attacks throughout baghdad. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> taking a look at the day ahead, prince george's county police sayare holding an event in the community for marckel ross. investigators are looking for suspects in the deck of the 18-
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year-old student and a motive. there's a community meeting to discuss his death starting at 7:00 at central high school. prince george's police will also join the kettering community for a walk at oak creek west park. they will hand out flyers asking for information in the murder of 17-year-old amber stanley, shot and killed in her bedroom last month. investigators are still searching for suspects and motives. >> pepco will get answers on two important collquestions. the public service commission is expected to vote on pepco's ray k pepco's. rate hike. >> that the residents of d.c. are sick and tired. pepco should pay pepco should pay pear fair share in taxes and do a better job. >> thousands of pepco linemen elektra since, and other union
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workers are set to vote on a new contract offer. the company could face its first strike since 1985. >> president obama and gop challenger mitt romney plan to campaign in the battleground state of ohio today. they will focus on college students and working-class voters. mr. obama has campaign stops at penn state and bowling green university. romney has campaign stops including toledo and other spots. his running mate paul ryan will campaign in colorado today. army secretary expected to return to work soon after he was injured in a bicycle accident monday night in alexandria. he is resting comfortably at walter reed medical c center. he expects to fully resume duties once cleared by his doctors. >> it is 63 degrees. still ahead, the nationals hit a speed bump on their way to wrapping up the division. >> a close look at a tornado in
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the midwest. [ male announcer ]
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>> we are at the animal welfare league of arlington where we have lots of great pets up for adoption. including hamsters. check out our website. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:10. we will get an update this morning on the work to repair the washington monument. the national park service closed the monument after last summer's magnitude 5.8 quake because of significant damage. part officials are holding a news conference this morning at the national mall.
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they are expected to announce the contractor they chose to begin the work. >> southwestern illinois have to clean up damage left behind by a tornado. check out this dramatic video captured by storm chasers as the twister moved through the town. are looking at the damage. a little town north of st. louis, missouri. the twister knocked over trees and damaged a number of cars and buildings, but no reports of injury. >> 63 degrees. let's check in with jacqui jeras. >>off to a much warmer start today. >> 15 or 20 degrees warmer in some areas. it feels good. unfortunately, we have a little rainfall. check out the satellite and radar picture. if it shows the moister moving right at us. if we will notwe will have rain on and off over the next several days. this is related to the same system of severe weather in missouri and illinois.
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we are not expecting anything severe here. do expect a few airport delays potentially today in the mid- atlantic and through the ohio and mississippi river valley is due to that system. otherwise, things look pretty good. maybe some showers in. in one of the big stories today is the temperatures. we are starting in the '60s and we will talk about the day in the '80s. -- maybe some showers in miami today. more in the seven-day forecast and a little while. first, let's see what's going on with traffic. >> a couple closures. in colombia, eastbound 32 is closed between 29 and shaker drive with an accident. on the george washington parkway, if the ramp to the inner loop is closed off with an overturned vehicle crash. making the drive on 66, a lot more cars joining the eastbound trips. the flow of traffic from the prince william parkway to the
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car rest area, traveling around the beltway in maryland, and delays from 95 to montgomery county. a crash on the outer loop at river road the exit ramp. back to you. >> thank you. it is 63 degrees. pittsburg police forced to undergo a social media training. >> why there could be empty seats when the
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>> the iranian president addresses the u.n. general assembly today. this will be his last speech as the iranian president. he told the general assembly -- president obama said that iran has failed to demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful.
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romney says president obama's approach to iran has not worked. >> words are words. you need to show action that shows we are serious. >> america wants to resolve this issue. we believe there's still time to do so. but that time. is not time >> representatives of various countries have walked out in protest during ahmadinejad's previous speeches. we will be watching to see what happens today. >> nato says two service members were killed in an insurgent attacks in afghanistan. they died when attacked by militants in eastern part of the country. their nationalities were not disclosed. 285 nato service members have been killed so far this year in afghanistan. >> a soldier faces manslaughter charges after an attempt to -- went wrong. they were watching football when
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young got the hiccups. myers held a gun to his head out to try to make pickups go away. the gun went off and the man was hit in the face. he died a way to the hospital. -- he was trying to scare away the hiccups. >> the army says the number of suicides into line was more than doubled the amount in june and they're working on reducing that. there's a new way to train soldiers and marines on the battlefield. it all has to do with video games. service members across the country are getting ready for combat with virtual training games that have the same intensity as real world training. we'll go to quantico to give you a peek at the new technology and talk to local troops about the latest advance in military preparedness, tonight at 5:00. >> investigators have made a
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breakthrough in the cold case murder on. the oregon on bobby jack faller is a suspect in the murders of five teenage girls in the 1980's and 1990's. -- fowler. he was convicted in 1996 of trying to rape a woman that he met in an oregon bar. he died in 2006. the announcement came the same day canadian authorities clinton to the 1974 murder of a teenage 6 hikehitchhiker. >> pittsburg police are training their officers in social media. a 22-year-old army veteran held a businessman hostage five hours in a skyscraper. the suspect posted seven messages on facebook during that time. now there are questions about whether officials did the right thing by not immediately shutting down the suspect's facebook page. >> checking with jacqui jeras. good morning. >> do you feel it? >> it feels nice.
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>> you've got the clouds and rain. >> i like the cold or whethe -- colder weather. >> i prefer the sunshine. let's look at how things are outside this morning. it really is a plug and starred in terms of temperatures. 66 at reagan national. the dew point is up there, so it feels a little moist. a south southwest winds and 9 miles an hour. we have 59 degrees in winchester, 57 in cumberland and charlottesville. bwi and 64 degrees in quantico. temperatures are so much warmer than 24 hours ago. 18 degrees warmer in manassas. it was 39 yesterday morning in culpeper. we are 22 degrees above that. 21 degrees above where we were this time yesterday in petersburg.
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the clouds provide a blanket. they have also ushered in some showers. this is all the way into the southwestern part of the country. this will affect the next couple days. a cold front approaches by tomorrow, but it just stalls on top of us and high pressure near never comes until late on the weekend. a few showers today 79-83. isolated showers or thunderstorms tonight, 61-66. the seven-day forecast shows all the way through the rest of the wheat, cooling down. 83 degrees today. please follow me with social media on twitter and you can also find be on facebook. let's check on traffic with angela. >> we have problems. on the inner loop, george washington parkway, b-w parkway
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the ramp is completely closed with an accident. -- gw parkway. folks making the drive on river road, an earlier crash causing tieups for folks trying to exit to the inner loop from river road. if you are squeezing by the accident scene. that will cause slowdowns for you. the cautious. and the earlier crash this morning on 270 is still causing a major jam southbound from urbana down throughout124. you are on the brakes. the crash is on the side of the road as you pass 118. back to you. >> thank you. the nfl replacement referees. >> there's encouraging news on that. and we're watching housing reports. >> good morning. home prices keep heading higher. steady increases in 20 big cities. prices were up 1.2% in july
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compared to a year ago. the housing numbers are helping fuel consumer confidence. confidence is at its highest level since february. consumer spending drives 70% of the total economy. domestic airlines earned $1.7 billion in baggage fees just in the first chapter of the year. a new government report predicts the fees will keep climbing. there's a lot of money being gamble. some experts say it told a billion dollars during the seahawks game against the packers on monday. i am paula faris.
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>> the nationals magic number six at five heading into tonight's game in philadelphia. the phillies jumped to a lead. the phillies got a home run from dominique brown and held on for the victory. >>the nationals lead over the brave is down to four games after atlanta defeated the marlins. the braves got a playoff spot,
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their first trip to the playoffs since 2010. >> the redskins trying to snap a two-game losing streak against the buccaneers in tampa. don't expect this game to look like they're blowout in the preseason. rg3 not playing. the nfl trying to put the monday night call heard round the world behind it. >> believe resumed negotiations with officials after setting replacement referees made a final call in the final play of the packers against the seahawks. the seahawks winning. green bay says the team is moving on and is focusing on their next opponent, in orleans saints. >> it is not where we wanted to be, but the fact is we have an
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opportunity to get the 2 and 2. >> the packers are upset about the monday night call and the saints about the bounty scandal./ a florida man has found a unique way to get people to come to his pool party. >> bob and his team bring alligators to your home and then let them simmer around in the swimming pool. he gives a safety course before they get into the water. they pose with guests and it's a big hit with the kids after the mouth is taped. >> still another half-hour ahead. >> the battle to build a casino in maryland has all interested
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is really, really sad. i don't know how to explain it. >> neighbors look for answers every herndon family of four is found dead inside their home. >> the unforgettable first this boy shared with the country's superstar. good morning, washington. >> let's check in with
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meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> is a much warmer start out there and that makes you want to get up and get out but we are on the cloudy decide. we had rain showers overnight and most of them are up to the mason-dixon line. we will have a chance of rain on and off throughout the day to day. look at those temperatures! 59 degrees in culpeper and we will warm up to be above average today, in the 80's this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and a shower here or there. we will have the seven-day forecast in a little bit. >> good morning everyone. a little bit of slippery conditions out there. we have a couple of trouble spots with ramp restrictions from river road to the inner loop. on the gw parkway, the ramp is
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completely blocked by an overturned vehicles. no cars can get by. you will have to detour to get around this situation. we have had a lot of trouble in terms of on i-270 . from 95 on 395 your slowest spot will be in -- will be between edsel and seminary rd.. >> our top story this morning -- the search for answers into a shocking scene at a home in herndon. >> please find four family members dead inside a home. two of the victims were school age. john gonzales is live. >> school will start in under one hour here at westfield. we understand the students will be wearing black to class. this is where the oldest son attended school while he and his
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younger brother and their two parents were found dead, all of them inside their herndon home. for hours, police went through the home. the parents or often seen sitting in chairs on the front porch, well known in the community. evidence has led police to believe the deaths are suspicious and the public is not in any danger. neighbors said the family was last seen this past sunday during a neighbor of a picnic. >> it is really odd. they were always really nice. no one has ever seen them fighting for arguing. >> we also understand that the united methodist church will hold a candlelight vigil at 7:30 tonight. police are not saying how the family was killed. >> thanks so much.
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some trouble right now increase after workers walked off the job. >> jummy olabanji has more on that situation. >> let's get right to some live video coming out of athens. we have these live pictures with thousands of people in the square located in athens as a nationwide general strike is getting under way. 20,000 greeks are said to participate. demonstrators are protesting harsh spending cuts and tax hikes. greece has been in a crucial financial crisis since early this summer. so far, the strike has halted airline flights and shut down everything from schools to hospitals to shops and gas stations. police have been deployed to the area. to prevent the demonstrations from turning violet. there are massive groups of people, at least 20,000
6:35 am
protesting the financial crisis in greece. we will have any updates for our viewers on air and on line at >> thanks so much. the d.c. public service commission is expected to vote on the pepco proposed rate hike. the proposal is sparking opposition. last night members of an advocacy group protested outside of headquarters in washington. pepco workers are expected to vote today on a union contract. if a deal is not reached, they could end up on strike. a meeting set for today to put power lines underground that would reduce storm-related power outages. the meeting will take place in the wilson building and the meeting is open to the public at 6:00 p.m. >> in prince george's county, investigators are searching for
6:36 am
a feat targeting liquor stores. there are suspects that it two liquor stores. an employee he was identity was protected says the robbers were pretty violent. >> they say be quiet and one of them says give me the same number and we don't know nothing. they say they will shoot us in the head them off the robbery happened just after the store is open and no one has been hurt. >> casino operators have poured $20 million into their plans to get gambling into maryland. $30 million has been given to a program to defeat the
6:37 am
referendum. the national harbour has given more than $8 million for a campaign supporting the measure. meanwhile, penn national games is in negotiations to buy a minority stake in the arundel mills casino. >> the time is 6:37 and 62 degrees and more to come on "good morning, washington." my daughter took the stage and she was singing the president's praises but her comments led to controversy. >> a doctor at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations
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thatat call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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>> the referees had some vision issues so we thought we would help them for the. >> key is an eye doctor in wisconsin who wants to help the nfl refs, especially the ones involved in the monday night last play of the game. they want to talk about decision making and football. there is no word on whether the nfl will take advantage of the offer. >> i think he has gotten what he
6:41 am
is looking for. >> the time the 6:40 end time to check in with jacqui jeras with weather. >> the forecast is definitely different today than yesterday. our temperatures feel so much warmer but we have the clouds. this is a live picture overlooking the potomac. what a beautiful star this morning with high to midlevel clouds. the moisture stream continues and it will be more dry today than what but we cannot rule out showers here and there. 66 at reagan national airport and we will see her eyes and a lower 80's today. this is the last day of the 80's before we drop back down. >> let's get a check on the road to -- we are trying to keep up on the congested and especially
6:42 am
on southbound to 70. we had an earlier crash in germantown. it is still crawling along from urbana through germantown. there's traffic on inbound 50 from 410 to the b w parkway. all lanes are open but it is a sluggish trend on northbound 95 from occoquan to springfield and slow on 66 going into vienna from the manassas area. >> thank you. 6:42 and 63 degrees. >> coming up, country superstar carry under which gives a thrill to a fan in an
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anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos likeheirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home by building a new world-class resort casino... right here in maryland. it'll generate hundreds of millions for schools... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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a gay couple from new jersey is suing the group will use their engagement vote in an attack against the colorado lawmaker who supported gay unions. the couple and their attorney will talk about this out said a federal court in denver. they are filing the suit and that photo shows the couple holding hands and kissing. madonna says she wants president obama to be elected them up but she is under fire for the which made her endorsement. >> we have a class warfare -- we have a black muslim and the white house. >> her remarks were met with mixed reaction on the street. i'm not surprised that it can never per mark -- out of her
6:46 am
mouth. >> is a lack of concern with what you will say to a group of people. >> president obama has said he is a committed christian. we have not heard from madonna's publicist. an american university professor discusses the uproar when cheap breastfed her toddler in class. "modern family"premieres tonight and sofia vergara has become a star as a result. >> most people remember one moment in their lives the rest of their lives. >> this will be especially unforgettable. >> [inaudible]
6:47 am
what do you say? >> chase kernick came up on stage with ^ wonder good in -- with carrie underwood in kentucky. she planted a kiss on his lips. his friends called him the luckiest guy in the world. >> it will be hard to top that with his second kiss. that is a set up for the rest of his life. >> the time the 6:47. >> today i will be going to see these guys.
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they are part of the "totem" show at the national harbour were they will teach me a trek. that is today at noon. hopefully, i will come back in one piece. it is supposed to be a great show. we're looking forward to a beautiful day. you have to look at the glass half full and know that looks beautiful to start this morning. we have some high level cloudiness and there is a chance of rain in the forecast but our temperatures feel so good already at this hour. 66 degrees at reagan national. our temperatures are about 15 degrees warmer today than yesterday. there are a couple of hotter spots but culpeper is 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. the clouds will continue to stream into our area. you will see some bright as
6:49 am
because they are high level clouds. we have equal chances of getting a few drops of rain. the vast majority of the day will be dry mostly cloudy, 79- 83 degrees. tonight, mostly cloudy with isolated showers 61-66 and their seven-day forecast tells us we expect rain throughout the weekend. we will progressively cool things down after the weekend. >> we've got a lot of things to watch out for. in the district, traveling on beach drive north of rock creek parkway, there is a closure. the eastbound lanes of 32 are still closed between 29 and shaker drive and a lot of congestion after a cleanup of their progress restrictions from the inner loop to the gw parkway.
6:50 am
that is a big clean up from an accident there. this is your line of delays -- southbound to 70 with an earlier crash and germantown -- southbound on i-270 with an earlier crash in germantown. >> 6:50. abc is celebrating their new fall shows. we're giving away this gift basket. >> today's winner is from centerville, virginia. you can still win tomorrow. sign up on facebook. >> baton is 6:50 and 63 degrees. >> we will have a live roundup of today's top stories.
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[ female announuncer ] cedear daughter, welcome to america. your share of obama's bt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemployed under president obama. more than
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five and a half million women can't find work. that's what obama's policies have done for women. welcome, daughter. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. coming up here, a fascinating question -- would you let your guests swim with alligators? he is spicing up pool parties with a live alligator. that is a shocking twist. we will get your thoughts and show it to you again next on "good morning america." >> the time is 6:53 and time for
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the wednesday express' -- we have a roundup of today's top stories. >> in westfield a high-school many of the students will be wearing black after a student was found dead inside his home with his younger brother and their two paris. police are calling the death suspicious. the family was last seen this past sunday edit neighborhood picnic. >> we want to go straight to live pictures from the square in athens greece where as many as 20,000 greeks right now are participating in a nationwide strike demonstrating against tax hikes and austerity cuts. it has shut down everything from hospitals to gas stations. >> prince george's county police
6:55 am
will hold a community meeting about the murder of an 18-year- old killed september 11 as he walked to central high school in capitol heights. >> the d.c. public service commission will vote on the pepco rate hike request. alignments electrician, and other union members will vote on a new contract offer. the company could face its first strike since 1985 but we are getting an update on repairing the washington monument. >> after the earthquake last year they want to repair the significant damage. for more information on the stores, go to our website for a look at the wednesday express'. >> let's check in with jacqui jeras. >> a warm start this morning which is different from yesterday.
6:56 am
it will be 82 degrees by 5:00 today. a few showers are possible today but the large majority of the day will be dry and there is a chance of rain through the seven-day forecast each day. we will cool down again by the end of the weekend. >> that is not terrible. >> take the credit. that is it for "good morning washington." "good morning america"is next. >> we will be back at noon.
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